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Vintage Cutlery Set

Vintage Cutlery Set

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Introducing the Vintage Decoration Cutlery Set, a timeless classic designed to make dinner an experience fit for royalty.

This exquisite set consists of 6 pieces of long-handled cutlery made of high-quality zinc alloy, crafted in a retro European style that features intricate engraved flowers on the handles for an added touch of excellence.

Each piece is safe to use and easy to clean, while offering a classic look and feel that captures the elegant charm of vintage dining experiences.

The Vintage Royal Style Dessert Cutlery Set is perfect for any occasion, from a luxurious dinner with friends to a quiet family night. Whether you're mixing a fabulous cocktail or serving a plate of fresh fruit, you can count on this royal set to enhance the experience. It is suitable for both domestic and commercial kitchens, making it an excellent addition to any kitchen that values ​​quality and style.


Metal Type: Zinc Alloy

Includes: 1 Set of Vintage Style Spoons and Forks

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